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Tacoma Home

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Staging, as the title implies, is the process of setting the stage of a given space so a potential home buyer might understand how he or she could live there. It can be difficult for buyers to insert themselves into a story that is too particular to, or too overcrowded by a home's current occupants. DanielHouse can relieve some of this difficulty by helping homeowners eliminate elements that might prohibit a sale, and highlight others that could seal a deal. 

A staging job may be as simple as decluttering and rearranging existing objects. It may involve short term rental of some furnishings, which we are happy to orchestrate. In some cases, it may require upgrading surfaces: re-staining wood flooring, removing linoleum, painting walls, and even tiling fireplace surrounds. Such was the case with the Tacoma home shown here. DanielHouse partnered with Christine, Tom and Marsha Parks from Washington to give this mid-century house a completely fresh attitude. With $20,000.00 of upgrades, the asking price increased a dramatic $60,000.00. The house sold in just days because the stage was set and awaiting its new inhabitants. Click on the image to view more.