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Kitchen Design

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Bathroom Design

DanielHouse Studios, Home Makers

We make homes. It’s what we do. We aren’t decorators or architects specifically; we are curators of life at home. We are Home Makers. Okay, we’ve borrowed that phrase, but we’ve made it two separate words, so it’s our own now, right?

If you need schematic plans for your new kitchen, bath or even dream home we’ll make those. We’ll paint pictures in full color to show you what your new space will look like. Need some new furnishings? We’ll help you find those too. We’ll even put up your Christmas tree if need be. And we won’t leave you to fend for yourselves – we’ll be with you until your project is ready to enjoy and check in to ensure you keep enjoying it for years to come. 

With such flexibility it becomes very difficult to provide a simple pricing model. After experimenting with a number of more complex models we decided to ditch them all for one simple hourly rate. Now, everything we do is charged at $175 per hour. How you spend our time is up to you. For a number of reasons we may drop our cost to $0 per hour, during initial consultations for example. Look below for a more comprehensive guide to our services and pricing examples. 

Plans Only

If all you need is design plans we've got you covered. We will provide complete renderings of all spaces, with construction documents. A detailed list of furnishing, paints, wallpapers, tiles, cabinet and counter top materials will be provided as well. We do not provide electric, HVAC, plumbing, or structural documents ourselves, though we are happy to outsource them when necessary. 


As kitchen and bathroom design are more detailed they take longer than most other rooms. Our average kitchen design takes about 40 hours to design which will incur a fee of $7,000. 

A 3,600 square foot house, excluding the kitchen and bath space, will likely involve 240 hours of work. This works out to just $11.67 per square foot. 

Design Plans and Project Oversight

This is our favorite space in which to work! So much so that it comes with 10 free hours, that is a savings of $1,750. When we provide design plans and oversee that project that means we will step in to make sure everything comes together through the creation process and the results are perfect. We will take on the responsibility of ordering materials, lighting, wallpaper, furnishings, and other items as necessary. Along with ordering items we will handle delivery and coordinate installation. Additionally, we will schedule regular meetings with whatever the frequency the client wishes.


Whether clients are contracted with us or not we are happy to work on acquiring the perfect furnishings and accoutrements. We go through great lengths to find the right items, searching antique stores, auction houses, local stores, and at times even the big box stores. Many stores provide us with a substantial discount, a portion of which we pass on to the client. We bill cost plus 35% on all of our regular acquisitions, which typically represents more than a 10% discount for the client. For items bought at auction we bill at cost plus 15%.

Custom Furniture Design

Historically, architects designed the home as well as all of the accompanying furniture. We realize times have changed, but with a small shot at redemption of this practice we like to design sofas, chairs, tables, wallpaper, and lighting for our clients. Clients can be as involved in the design as they like, naming influences, colors, materials, and costs. All finished products will be billed at the market rate for that item.