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New Video Series: Architecture Really Fast

Follow our new series of quick, no edit, architecture lessons. We’ll be doing a number of these coming up. Each will focus on one aspect of a building, none will be longer than 5 minutes. In this first one we head to downtown Portland to find a neo-colonial building that features pilasters with capitals from the Temple of the Winds. Peter tells us what that’s all about. So come and learn the history of architecture!

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How to Read a Building: In One Easy Video Series

We here at Daniel House are very excited about this new series and hope you will be too. Becoming architecturally literate is an important development that most designers in the contemporary world have have failed to complete. Many architects today either have no knowledge of the development of architecture or choose to reject classicism on idealogical grounds. However, we wonder if they really understand what they are rejecting? 

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Best on the Market

Built in 1913 by the same architecture firm as Portland’s prized Pittock Mansion, the house boasts five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a servant’s wing, several large indoor/outdoor spaces, and a classically columned three-car garage with a lift. Moreover, it is a perfect example of an architectural style that surfaces again and again in the psyche of the American homebuyer.

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Featured Philanthropy: Building Sustainable Families

     When it comes to those who are struggling in our community, there are always a few people who stick out in our minds. We’ve all met someone who works extremely hard, but can’t quite make it financially. Whether it’s a friend, or a family member, these people are doing all they can to survive, but are barely scraping by, oftentimes falling in-between the cracks of government services. Empowering this community to reach self-sustainability is no easy task. 

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Alto BAjo | Hi Lo

When we sat down with Walter Espinosa, manager of Alto Bajo, downtown Portland’s newest Mexican restaurant, we had no idea of the treats that lay in store for us. First, we should make one thing very clear: this isn’t your typical Portland over-the-counter street taco situation, and we’re glad. It’s a more nuanced, elegant undertaking, featuring dishes specific to Oaxaca, Mexico. 

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Nearly $10,000 raised for Birch Community Services

This last weekend Daniel House had the great pleasure of hosting the first annual Cannon Beach Croquet Classic to benefit our good friends, Birch Community Services. It is difficult for us to imagine an organization more worthy of our time, money, and energy. We found the day to be exceptionally enjoyable, and a complete success!

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