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Get a Daniel House Kitchen: Personally Tailored Schematic Plans for $4,999.00


Considering a new kitchen is both exciting and completely terrifying. With so many decisions to make and so much cost at stake, it's possible to become completely overwhelmed. At Daniel House, we aim to make the process as simple as possible. We offer a set price to get you through the ideation and planning phase and ensure your future kitchen is not only new, but markedly better than your old kitchen.  Whether your overall budget it $35,000 or $150,000, we offer the same level of service, though we may suggest different materials and appliances. If you would like us to take you and your project beyond the ideation and planning phase, we are also able to act as your general contractor for a 9% fee over labor and materials.

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A few notes

This price includes 4 set meetings3, either in person of via video chat, as well as unlimited online communication through our portal4. All further communication will be billed at our standard hourly rate. We work to recommend the products and materials we think will best suit your kitchen design needs, though you are under no obligation to purchase through, us or the specific choices. If you would like us to purchase items for your project, we are happy to help and can often source products at 5-20% below retail. If you are located in the Portland, we are able to function as your general contractor and manage your project from start to finish. Our design clients receive a special rate of 9% over labor and material costs when we work as your contractor.



Who is my designer?

Peter Spalding oversees Design at Daniel House. He holds a B.A. in Architecture History and Urban Design from NYU, as well as a certificate from the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art. Before launching his own practice, Peter collaborated with numerous architecture and design firms in Manhattan. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, as well as on the cover of American Arts Quarterly. 


How do we communicate?

We use a variety of communication methods, though little is a substitute for in person conversation. Our four standard meetings will be conducted in person for those in the Portland area. We will also create a page online where we will store all information related to the project and be able to maintain regular communication. For those outside of the Portland  area we are able to communicate via video, though we will need to arrange for someone to take complete and accurate measurements. 


What if I don't live in Portland?

Well, that depends. We are able to offer our full services in the Portland area. And we can work with clients around the world if via video if you are able to provide complete and detailed measurements. Additionally, we are able to travel as far as Seattle for $150/trip, which would add $600 to the total.


What is the timeline?

We can work with your timeline as your project develops. It is important that you allot at least 4 weeks for the design process. 

Why do you need to know my budget?

Though we offer our kitchen design service at a set price, we need to have a grasp on what you want to spend for your whole project so that we can make attainable recommendations.

What is the payment structure?

All of our projects begin with a 30% retainer, in this case $1,500.00. After our third meeting we bill 50% of the remaining amount, $1750. The remaining $1,749 is due on delivery. 



1 All design changes after agreement of the design at the end of the third meeting will be billed at our standard hourly rate.
2 It is our preference, but not required, that during the delivery meeting your contractor is also present so we can communicate the plans directly with him or her. Further coordination with any other party will be billed at our standard hourly rate.
3 The four set meetings are not set with a timeframe, however the total hours over the four meetings is set at a maximum of 12 hours. This time allotment should be more than enough, in the event that more hours are requested they will be billed at our standard hourly rate. 
4 There is no set limit on amount of communication through our online communication, but we make no guarantees on reply time or replying to all communicatio