Daniel House

Kitchen & Bath

Kitchens are very often the heart of a home and bathrooms, whether we like it or not, are where we start and end most of our days. With this in mind, each should be carefully considered and well appointed to serve your needs.

At DanielHouse, we believe the best kitchen design does not rely solely on shiny appliances or high quality cabinetry, but on the way the space is organized and its relationship to other parts of the house. Like a real heart requires clear arteries to function efficiently, a home's heart also needs easy passage to and from its other rooms.  We work on renovations to existing kitchens, helping clients create schemes that integrate spaces in a way they did not think possible, while still engaging with the existing architecture of their homes. Of course, we also design kitchens from scratch.


Good bathroom design, likewise is about ease. Even the smallest of bathrooms can be made to feel ample if it is organized and detailed well. We encourage our clients to use fixtures and surfaces that defy the whim of trend so they can go on happily beginning and ending their days for years to come. 

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