Daniel House

Painting Commissions

Pen and Ink based on work by Hubert Robert

Watercolor Pencil - Retail design scheme

At DanielHouse,  we embrace the idea that architecture and interior design are fundamentally art in its highest form. While our construction documents are clear and concise, we assign great importance to handmade illustrations as part of the design process. We use a variety of media to bring our illustrations to life, including pen and ink, watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal, pastel and silkscreen. We collaborate with artists and design firms to produce presentations and art objects of the highest quality. Contact us for commissions. 

Pricing is dependent on size and detail, but here are some starting points for renderings measuring roughly 11'' x 15''
    Simple                                         Detailed
     Pencil- $35                                  Pencil - $800
     Charcoal- $150                           Charcoal - $1,500
     Gouache- $150                           Gouache - $2,000
     Watercolor- $175                       Watercolor - $3,50

Or see our collection of prints available for sale

Pen and Ink - Taylorian Library, Oxford

Watercolor on Toned Paper, The Dakota, NYC

Pen and Ink, based on work by Hubert Robert

Pencil, Digital Dressing Room

Pen and Ink, church in Rome

Pen and Ink, Bramante's Tempietto

Sanguine Pastel, Michelangelo Door

Silkscreen Print, Ancient Symbol

Charcoal, Tower of The Winds Fragment

Silkscreen, Whale Pattern

Felt Pen, Digital Dressing Room

Pastel, Amusement

Pen and Ink, Rome

Pen and Ink,Michelangelo's Campidoglio

Silkscreen, Advertisement based on work by Piranesi

Pen and Ink, Rome

Lithocrayon, Cupola of St. Peter's Basilica

Charcoal Analytique, Grand Central Terminal