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The Croquet Classic...

relies on the timeless albeit somewhat eccentric sport of croquet. While we don't use flamingos as mallets as they do in Alice in Wonderland, we nonetheless encourage all of our guests to come with a spirit of adventure. Our game takes place in Cannon Beach and is played as a relay tournament, with each colored ball being played by one team with many players. This style of play helps create a fast-paced, fun, and competitive atmosphere. Team and individual prizes are awarded to those who pass through the most wickets. The competition is increased, and money is raised, with the addition of our specially designed handicaps, purchased in order to hinder opponent's progress. Last year’s handicaps ranged from a exchanging one's mallet for a fly swatter to requiring players to play on crutches. 


Our Impact

In the events first year the Croquet Classic were already able to have a major impact on Birch Community Services. Birch, an organization that helps teach families how to find a path toward sustainability, is itself rather thrifty and has achieved 93% financial efficiency. This year we have set a goal of raising $30,000, for Birch. That amount mixed with Birch’s efficiency, will create an impact of over $400,000.  Learn more


Why sponsor?

Sponsors can see a direct benefit to themselves and their community.  The Croquet Classic offers brands an exceptional opportunity; it is neither too small for brand placement to be ineffective, nor too large for brands to go unseen. Each organization has the opportunity to make a personal connection with the majority of attendees.  Last year, Daniel House, our headline sponsor, donated $20,000 and was able to directly trace that to over $250,000 in sales. That success was due to the Daniel House staff's ability to interact with each guest so that everyone left knowing they had a friend at the firm. That same could be true for your business. 


Get in touch!

Interested in partnering with the Croquet Classic? Or maybe you just have a few questions? Either way, please can get in touch with us via the button below. 


Sponsorship opportunities available:

see below for more information on each opportunity.

Availability: 0

Availability: 2

Croquet Club
Availability: 10

Availability: 15

Availibilty: Unlimited

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How Sponsorship Works

We have 5 levels of sponsorship, each comes with its own set of benefits


Unlimited availability

  • $50 - $500
  • 10% off tickets
  • 5% off handicaps purchased online
  • A mention in our 'Special Thanks' section online and certain printed materials. An organization donating in the novice section will not be eligible to have its logo include online or in print. 


15 available

  • $501 - $1,500 or similar value in products and services
  • Everything from Novice level donation
  • A small version of your organization's logo online, on welcome packets, thank you letters, and entrance banners.
  • 2 free half page ads in Daniel House, a quarterly publication
  • 2 free tickets

Croquet Club

10 available

  • $1,501 - $2,500 or similar value in products and services
  • Everything from Enthusiast level donation
  • A medium sized version of your organization's logo on dhcroquet.com, invites,  welcome packets, thank you letters, and entrance banners
  • 2 free full page ads in the  Daniel House, a quarterly publication
  • 4 free tickets
  • 1 year membership to the Croquet Club for 10 people, includes
    • Access to the Daniel House Employee discount *
  • Is there anything else you feel entitled to, let us know!


2 available

  • $10,000 or similar value in products and services
  • Everything from the Croquet Club level donation
  •  Your logo on the banner behind the photo area
  • A large version of your logo on dhcroquet.com, invites, welcome packets, thank you letters, and entrance banners
  • Your logo in one other customizable format
  • 4 free ads in the Daniel House, a quarterly publication
  • 8 Free tickets
  • 1 year membership in the Croquet Club for 15
  • Prominent display and use of your products
  • At least 8 mentions on Daniel House's various social media
    • Instagram
      • Daniel House
      • Landed Living
    • Blog
    • Facebook
  • Is there anything else you feel entitled to, let us know!


No longer available

  • $20,000
  • Everything from Professional level donation
  • Croquet Classic is hosted by you
  • Creative control of the event

*Danie House employee discount includes 2% of contracting services (where available), 30% off design services, 20% off products, Invites to Daniel House events, Daniel House, a quarterly publication.