Daniel House




In the Begining...

There was chaos, a banner, and a business plan. This is Peter Spalding writing, so-called "Director of Design" at the soon to be "DanielHouse Studios, LLC." My brother Alexander is our "Director of Operations." Right now, our office, as you can see, is a basement hovel with a bunch of mismatched furniture, a flurry of paper indicating designs to come, and muslin stapled to studs, awaiting a better solution.

It has long been my dream to have a design firm of my very own -- one that creates spaces and products of genuine delight, whose work reflects my love of history and invention, and strives to perfectly satisfy the needs and imaginations of its clients. It has long been Alexander's dream to run a business and grow it from feeble roots to a thing that has the ability to benefit the lives of many. So here's to the beginning -- please join us in this adventure and let us know how we can serve you.