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About Us...It's About Time

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Here at DanielHouse Studios we are dreamers. As such, our own elaborate plans often whisk us away to far off lands. You might think we save our dreaming for our built works alone, but in fact, it must permeate every aspect of our work an thus, every aspect of who we are. We could not rightly formulate an about us page that did not reflect some sort of dreamy quality. Where a picture and a few paragraphs would suffice for most, we have placed several pictures filled with fanciful props (cobble stones, fake snow and sheep skin rugs), spanning multiple costume and seasonal changes. I fear if I continue on like this, or mention that this page has been three months in the making, the reader will expect a very long story and a great deal more pictures. So I mustn’t continue without the following warning: this story is very, very short.  The time is in the details. For instance, we spent a number of days reading and discussing what in tarnation the exceedingly long-winded Victor Hugo actually meant by his circus-woman analogy before we put anything on paper. (We know the answer, but we won’t reveal it here.) It is important not to move too quickly. The faster one rushes into something, the faster he will be pushed right back out.

What is the end result of all that effort? Four beautifully staged photos and three carefully crafted paragraphs that come together to form a wonderful short story which tells you almost nothing, surely very little about anything we actually do. And yet, if you pay attention, we think it tells you exactly who we are and exactly what we intend to do for you. So sit back, click here, and enjoy the narrative.


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A. D. Spalding

(I’m trying out a new penname)