Daniel House

Alexander Spalding

Alexander likes to think of himself as the real designer at DanielHouse Studios. Everyone else likes to think of him as the delusional one. A point he is all too willing to accept. In reality he does do some designing, just not of buildings. He is here to help craft our overarching strategy. In the big picture that includes marketing plans, identifying new markets, planning out staffing needs, and creating budgets. Day to day he spends most of his time organizing the money so our vendors get paid and our clients get billed (sorry). Anytime that is left over is time spent finding new ways to irritate his brother and business partner, Peter.

Ever since he was a young boy growing up in Wisconsin, Alexander has been entrepreneurial. Though his specific goals have shifted over the years (“bad guy,” “inventor,” “businessman”), one aspect has always remained the same, a desire to start something of his own. After several years of listlessness, Alexander received some great advice – “Just do something!” Following that life altering phrase he thought to himself, “I’ve wanted to start a business for as long as I can remember, why not now?” Considering his only real asset was his immensely talented brother, Alex thought he would ask if Peter still wanted to join forces. Since you’re on this website you can probably figure out how that conversation ended.

With over 24 years of experience in being alive, Alex is hard pressed to come up with any other qualifications. However, we’ve coaxed some out of him anyway. He graduated from Texas A&M in 2014 with degrees in Finance & Business Honors (whatever that means). After Texas, he fled the country and spent a year in England where he studied Theology and Christian Apologetics at the University of Oxford and the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. And, over the last five years he has spent time working in finance/business related roles at Bergstrom Automotive, Young Life, and M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust.

There is a personal side to Alexander as well. He is an avid traveler, traversing the globe since birth, he has now been to over forty countries and nearly every state. As for outdoor activities his two favorites are downhill skiing (in the winter) and boating (in the summer). From time to time Alex tries to pick up new sports, recently he has dabbled in fencing and polo. Reading also catches his fancy, preferring works on business, theology, philosophy, and history. While in Oxford he founded the Spaldleian Library as a lending library and a bit of a social club. Today it is basically just a list of his books, but we’re told there are big plans! In the past he has enjoyed volunteering for his churches, Young Life, and the community at large. As a fairly recent Portlander he is still actively seeking out volunteer opportunities.